In the United States two students from China were charged with fraud. According to the information portal NPR, they had replaced thousands of fake iPhone real service centers.

Zhou Yangyang (Yangyang Zhou) and Chuan Jiang (Jiang Quan), who studied to be engineers in Portland, Oregon, took it to the Apple services 3069 fake phones from April 2017 to March 2018. The device they were sent by relatives and friends from China to different addresses. The students were given gadgets in for repair under assumed names (one of them used the alias “Apache Helicopter”), and also asked friends to do it.

Approximately half of the cases, fake phone replaced with a new one. The Chinese sent soup home and sold yielding a profit for yourself. According to court documents, Zhou and Jiang managed to 1493 new phone that Apple has brought losses in the amount of 896,8 thousand dollars (58.5 million rubles). The remaining 1576 complaints from students on non-working phones were rejected.

The fraudulent scheme was uncovered customs and border protection. Customs officers paid attention to the students once their name came up five packages with fake phones in a row. In March 2018 in the house of Jiang conducted a search and found more than 300 counterfeit devices.

During the testimony of both the student stated that he did not know that they would send fake phones.

Jiang faced charges of trading in counterfeit goods and fraud by electronic means. Zhou is accused of “providing false or misleading information in the export Declaration”.

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