Headphones are gorgeous, but there is a real problem.

At the end of December 2018, wireless headphones AirPods was two years old. How durable are the most popular wireless headphones in the world? They do not become noticeably worse over the two years of use? In this article he shared his experience of using AirPods and gathered real reviews on headphones from users who have purchased them immediately after the start of sales.

AirPods require care

AirPods are white and get dirty really fast. The purity headphones need to regularly keep clean the housing and clean the speaker grille. Just so happens save as the appearance of the headphones and their sound.

To clean lattice dynamics AirPods have a very useful life skill. To clean it the best adhesive mass. It allows you to remove all earwax from the lattice, and not to shove her inside — helps perfectly. To buy the adhesive mass can be in Russia, and AliExpress, where it is much cheaper. You can buy a whole pack of adhesive mass for 229 rubles. This will last for a couple of years.

“Two years my AirPods still work great! The main disadvantage is always having to clean them, here and there. Very quickly get dirty”, the user ijohno.

“If you forget about cleaning AirPods for a couple of weeks, they become even somewhat unpleasant. My advice, use headphones as often as possible, especially if you often use” — the user mikethemoss.

“They get dirty, filled with earwax, even under the condition that I clean my ears every day. For me this is a serious problem, as the grille is hammered, the sound becomes worse. And clean them constantly just no time,” the user ta22175.

Over time work? Fell heavily for two years?

In each earpiece AirPods has a lithium-ion battery capacity 62 mAh. Because of this modest initial battery capacity of the AirPods disappears.

If at the time of purchase AirPods allowed to listen to music without charging for five hours, then after two years, the battery in our case was reduced to 3.5 hours. Yes, there is always the ability to recharge the headphones in the case, but the total time of Autonomous work AirPods still greatly reduced.

And we don’t have the most advanced case.

“The first 18 months — AirPods it’s a miracle I can not get enough! With 19 month — I hate you, why are you working just half an hour?!”, user PeaceBull.

“The battery life is terrible after two years of active use. 1-2 hours of music listening and all that needs to be charged,” the user aprx4.

“In the first year I could not get enough time of work of the AirPods, but after they significantly passed. The maximum that now give my AirPods — two hours of work”, — the user RDogPoundK.

“I wouldn’t say that I have enjoyed AirPods quite so active, but while working AirPods fell specifically. Two hours is the limit of operation on a single charge when listening to music,” jassack04.

“Listen to the music 30 minutes after powering headphones. And so the circle. Very annoying” user fr0ng.

However, many users claim that headphones well hold a charge, and two years after purchase. It all depends on activity and usage conditions, but, nevertheless, from the AirPods exactly we should expect a decline of autonomy.

“Two years use AirPods each day. And everything is fine! 4.5 hours of music listening on a single charge, almost like new!”, user jmnugent.

“Bought AirPods in December 2016, immediately after the release. Listen to music almost every day as headset, headphones never used. Four hours of listening to keep quiet,” user pointlessBRZ.

The battery is the main problem AirPods. Its capacity is small, so it is consumed quickly enough. And it’s not Apple invented, to make people more likely to buy a new AirPods. This is the way lithium-ion batteries, which eventually lose their initial charge. And the smaller the initial capacity, the faster it is consumed.

It turns out that the mini battery 62 battery can be “killed” in two years. To avoid this it is necessary to follow the traditional rules of preservation of health of lithium-ion batteries. About which we in detail told here on iTunes.

The Sound Of AirPods. Deteriorating or not?

With AirPods sound simple. It does not deteriorate if the headphones are kept clean, which brings us to the first point. If the loudspeaker grille is clogged earwax, and the user is even stronger shove her inside, the sound quality may significantly fall.

If headphones are to be cleaned regularly, the sound remains unchanged — high quality for ear.

“My AirPods sound like the first day of purchase. Used two years, no even a little visible deterioration no” — the user mk_aliii.

“Advice to other users AirPods. If you feel that the sound has become worse, just a good clean. The sound will be as before”, — the user joeBlow69420.

The General feel of AirPods. Delight

AirPods — best wireless headphones for every day that we could use. They don’t offer audiophile-grade sound and record work time. But their everyday usability outweighs all the cons. Headphones are always at hand, always ready to instantly start the music, sit comfortably in your ears and have no wires.

Most of the users AirPods similarly fascinated by the headphones. And even those who bought the AirPods two years ago and now suffers from the fall time of Autonomous work, they say just buy a new model AirPods 2 (or AirPods S, which should be out in the spring).

“100% ready to upgrade their AirPods, and if you will the black model, then buy it in first day! Better headphones than AirPods in my life was not” user kevohreal.

“Battery AirPods almost “died” for two years, but I still love them! Can’t wait for the second model!”, user Kabal303.

“AirPods is the best Apple product I have bought in recent years”, — the user Sinnuh.

The following AirPods will definitely be better. Wait for the black AirPods with a special matte finish this spring. Note that this is an improved model of the original AirPods. Completely updated 2 AirPods will be released in 2020.


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