The problem is still not fixed.

The attorney General and the Governor of new York initiated an investigation against the notorious error of FaceTime on the iPhone, which allowed users to listen to. Officials have put particular emphasis on the problem of the inability of Apple to quickly warn customers and slow reaction of the company to fix the bug.

A critical error in the function group calls on FaceTime was discovered on Monday, January 28. Bug in functions allow remotely listen to users without their knowledge.

To use of bug victim didn’t even have to answer the call, whereby the wire could be performed transparently. Apple has restricted the use of group calls to FaceTime in a few hours after the problem became known to the mass.

The authorities of new York are much interested in the sensational bug. According to the public Prosecutor Letitia James, “the problem was a serious threat to the security and privacy of millions of people who for years have trusted Apple and its products”.

Earlier it was revealed that Apple was first informed about the problem with FaceTime, a week before the mass detection. IPhone user repeatedly referred to Apple with the description of the bug, but couldn’t get an answer.

Currently a bug in FaceTime on the iPhone is not fixed. Group calls are available for use worldwide. Apple promised to release a new version of iOS with the fix of the problem in the course of this week.

Source: Bloomberg.


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