The Uber app will feature Ride Check, which will monitor the emergency situation and help in case they occur.

Using smartphone sensors such as GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, Uber will define emergency. If the application decides that the passenger and the driver had an accident on their smartphones received a special notification about the incident. Uber will offer to contact emergency services, report the incident or false alarm.

The company believes that in the event of an accident, users can get lost and not to call the rescue service. But with the Check Ride they will not forget to do it. If the passenger and the driver will not react to the notification, the security team Uber will receive a warning about a possible serious incident.

Also Check Ride can be used to increase security. Using this feature, Uber will still have to track unscheduled long stop. In this case, the smartphone will come the same notice as in an accident.

Ride Check will appear in the Uber app in the “coming months.”


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