Marcus Kuchler developer from Atlanta has launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the original docking station for Apple gadgets udoq.

udoq is a simple tool that allows compactly to place a charge for all Apple devices. The user will not have to untangle the wires and to reduce the clutter on your desktop.

The dock is for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod. Gadgets can be easily moved around the platform and to be recharged with one hand. Each USB port supports a current of 2.4 A.

Marcus Kohler has developed several models udoq, accommodating a different number of devices. But in the current campaign involved only the version in anodized aluminum case dark grey with the length of the bus 400 millimeters. This is enough to supply to charge four Apple gadget.

The user does not have to use your own Lightning to USB cable, everything you need is included in the package.

Campaign fundraising will continue until July 23, 2018. The price of one docking station along with delivery is $ 99. While the startup has managed to attract more than seven thousand dollars is 48% of your stated goal.


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