Apple releases the most secure phones in the world. At least so is considered to be. However, according to search warrants and sources in the field of mobile forensics, smartphones with Google’s operating system are not far behind and sometimes even ahead of the iPhone for security information.

According to one such order, came in the editorial office of Forbes, the detainee angel Angulo, who was suspected of drug trafficking and sold to a policeman an undercover methamphetamine, police seized a LG smartphone with Android operating system. Angulo during the arrest the police found the phone in his Ford Mustang. Specific smartphone model in the search warrant was not specified.

Police seized the suspect’s smart phone in January and even got permission to unlock it using face recognition or fingerprint — in the first case, the device we had to hold the face of the owner’s second — get him to put a finger on the scanner. But agents of the Federal Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives was not able to bypass the lock with their tools and techniques of hacking. According to the request of the office, they asked for access to the system the device another 120 days. The legal representative of the defendant in the case was not specified. At the time of publication, the U.S. Department of justice did not provide comments on the request of Forbes.

So, now the Android is safer than iPhone?

Sources among criminologists argue that the level of data protection in the operating system of Google in some cases became too high to be able to get around the police or anyone else with direct access to the device. The representative of the major organizations involved in solutions in the field of mobile forensics says: “Some say that the iPhone is even less secure (than Android smartphone)”.

Google and Apple constantly adds to its operating system with new features, says Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft, a provider of solutions in mobile and digital forensics. One of the key innovations in Android in recent years has become a function of safe mode, all internal contents of the smartphone is encrypted, and access to data is only possible with password or using face recognition or fingerprint.

An anonymous source noted that the bypass system protect the iPhone takes a lot of time, but once the iOS is jailbroken, the same method can be applied to any other Apple device. In the case of Android everything is much more complicated, since each of the smartphone operating system from Google is fragmented into hundreds of different versions under many different models. If a police officer or forensic scientist can, for example, to crack the Google Pixel, then the same trick with a gadget from another company might not work.

“Although some of the Android smartphones and you can unlock the universal methods, new models may have specific functions, which have to find a special way to bypass the protection. In addition, it sometimes happens that in order to enhance the security of data smartphones with a standard build of the operating system significantly modifierade”, says Peter Sommer, a teacher of digital forensics at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Particularly acute issue of security platform developed by Google stands for Huawei, the largest manufacturer of Android smartphones in the world. The Chinese technology giant will soon lose access to its devices to the latest security updates Google. All due to the fact that the administration of Donald trump has banned American companies from Huawei to conduct any joint business.

However, the iPhone in some aspects is still ahead of Android smartphones. When the editorial staff of Forbes tested the system face recognition on a number of smartphones running Google’s various gadgets technology showed different degree of reliability. Three-dimensional headform was able to unlock all Android smartphones, but faster and in any light it took OnePlus 6, while devices from Samsung and LG to deceive was difficult. The editors of Forbes have also tested the facial recognition system from Apple. But the headform was not able to unlock the iPhone. That’s why iOS system screen unlock face is much more reliable.

Translation Of Anton Bundina

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