Blogger Frederic van Strydonck decided to diversify the content on your Vimeo channel and shooting underwater video on the iPhone X.

Frederic briefly lowered not protected by a special case the Apple under the water in various picturesque places. From those images he mounted the movie, lasting about two and a half minutes. According to the blogger, these videos can be a great format for IGTV — new service Instagram.

The author emphasizes that it does not use any covers and let the phone sail in its original form.

The experiment proves that iPhone X is able to survive without affecting regular contact with water. Although, judging by the video, Frederick not immerse the smartphone in great depth, and the shooting in one location do not last long.

At last year’s iPhone X Apple representatives said that, due to the moisture and the dust high-class, the flagship will remain operable after a short stay at a depth of one meter.

However, the margin of safety gadget can be a lot more. For example, the author of the YouTube channel Man+River not long ago found at the bottom of the river in Arizona iPhone X. It is dried and loaded the gadget, which proved to be quite efficient. A blogger tracked down the owner and returned her eggs. Woman accidentally drowned the phone about two weeks before and had said goodbye with a smartphone.


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