Often when purchasing a smartphone, consumers tend to buy the unit with maximum memory, and consultants shops trying to impose on us additional accessories – covers, films and safety glass.

But, in addition to accessories that protect the smartphones, there is a very interesting and necessary gadgets. We will tell about them in this set.

How to live with iPhone 16/32 GB in 2018?

  • Photofast TubeDrive
  • Manufacturers of Android devices, and bloggers constantly describe the ability to use a MicroSD card for memory expansion as an advantage over Apple products. But still the memory on the iPhone/iPad/iPod, you can zoom in using Photofast flash drive TubeDrive

    TubeDrive Photofast flash drive is a versatile storage device with the Lightning connection on one side and USB 3.1 on the other, which comes on the market in versions with memory capacities from 16 GB to 400 GB.

    If you are interested in card reader, Photofast is the model TubeReader, which supports memory cards MicroSD.

    For accessory, you must install the app from the app store – iFiles+, thanks to which you can save to a USB flash drive everything from the backup of the smartphone, to YouTube videos.

    Price for the version 32 GB – 3 440 RUB.


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