The implementation is impressive!

Known insider Evan Blass published the video, which was first shown folding smartphone Xiaomi. A unique device that represents a hybrid of smartphone and tablet is in fully working condition. This video demonstrates a key feature of the device — the opportunity to develop.

Presented in the video smartphone Xiaomi is quite unusual for modern mobile devices design. Its body is divided into three parts, two of which are bent. In the unfolded state, the display device becomes large, like a tablet. In the folded state, the apparatus does not differ in size from the usual smartphones.

The video below shows that when folding the display of a mysterious Xiaomi device will immediately change the interface that adapts to the current state of the gadget. Changes are performed without long delays, despite the fact that we are talking about the prototype smartphone.

Does Xiaomi to release such an unusual folding smartphone in the near future, currently unknown. Moreover, the representatives of Xiaomi confirmed that the video shows a prototype developed by the device. In this regard, it is not excluded that the movie is a fake.

Source: YouTube.


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