The official announcement of iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 to be held only in the summer of next year. However, the famous developer Steve Troughton-Smith is ready to call one of the main features of the future updates. According to him, 13 in iOS and macOS 10.15 will support universal apps.

It is worth noting that about the programs that will run on both iPhone and iPad, and the Mac, it was reported a long time ago. According to some, the cupertinos are working on this opportunity for months. In fact, this is confirmed by Steve Troughton-Smith. A hint at the new features of iOS and macOS developer found in frameworks, AppKit and UIKit.

It should be noted that another highly respected developed by Guilherme Rambo — fully supported forecast Troughton-Smith. He drew attention to the fact that not so long ago, Apple has significantly simplified the process of porting of applications for iPhone and iPad.

It is difficult to say how such innovation will affect ordinary users. It is possible that over time the App Store will appear a lot of completely new programs that were previously unavailable neither on iOS nor on Mac.


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