Yesterday Apple released the final version of its new desktop operating system. While critical flaws in macOS Catalina not found. However, some developers still do not recommend users to install the update. The latter included Adobe.

At the moment, Photoshop and Lightroom Classic have compatibility issues with new operating system Apple. However, the representatives of Adobe have promised to fix the situation in the near future.

If we talk about the problems more specifically, when using Photoshop on macOS 10.15 users are unable to access some tools and plug-in models. In addition, the file format change does not change the extension in the name field.

In Lightroom Classic problems slightly less. However, they interfere with the normal use of the application. In particular, while not open Lens Profile Creator and there are some difficulties with detecting and capturing images from Nikon cameras.

A complete list of errors and possible solutions you can look at the Adobe website.


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