At the moment, many analysts believe that the new Apple smartphone will help Apple set a new sales record, as well as the cupertinos will bring impressive profits. However, if you believe recent publication DigiTimes, these predictions can not be confirmed.

According to the authors of the Taiwan editions, which refer to sources in the supply chain of components for Apple’s mobile devices closer to the end of the year the demand for the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and may begin to fall. Sources attribute this to high costs of innovations and lack of innovation.

According to sources from DigiTimes, such negative Outlook is shared by many component suppliers and they have already started to prepare to adjust production volumes, if Apple decides to reduce the volume of orders.

It is worth noting that while sales of new Apple devices remain high. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti” in Russia, the number of preliminary applications iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone X Max ahead of the average by 20-30%.


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