Amazing products from Xiaomi at discount prices!

Xiaomi releases in China a lot of different products. Most unusual Xiaomi products remain exclusive to the Chinese market, but from time to time on AliExpress still do some of the original products of the company. In this collection assembled the most unusual products Xiaomi, which cannot be found in Russia.

Electric screwdriver

Price: 1 215 rubles (25% discount).

Compact electric screwdriver for Xiaomi in the traditional design. The body of the screwdriver is made of durable aluminum alloy, and included with it is 18 bits, which makes the gadget truly universal. The screwdriver is powered by two AAA-batteries.

The original thermometer

Price: 1 455 rubles (discount 22%).

Very cool thermometer that allows you to measure the temperature of a person, while not waking him up. Particularly this gadget will help parents of young children. To Wake them in the night in order to measure temperature is not necessary.


Price: 232 ruble (25% discount).

Simple but beautiful and high quality toothbrush is a sub-brand of Xiaomi Majia. Brush the most common, but is very popular on AliExpress. Most buyers like the durability of the brush.

Comfortable running shoes

Price: 2 929 rubles (discount 19%).

Lately Xiaomi is paying more attention to clothes and shoes. And it works great. For example, here are sneakers with breathable mesh upper and cushioned sole are a real hit AliExpress. Xiaomi calls sneakers “smart”, as they are made with the use of five specific technologies.

Cutlery set

Price: 1 422 ruble (discount 22%).

Beautiful minimalist Cutlery which will decorate any kitchen. All instruments are made of stainless steel of the highest quality.

“Smart” sleep mask

Price: 3 897 rubles (discount 18%).

But the new Xiaomi, which went on sale in China just a few days ago, but already managed to appear on AliExpress. It is an “intelligent” sleep mask which analyzes your condition and reproduces the most suitable for falling asleep to music. As your bedtime music becoming quieter not to Wake.


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