Microsoft encourages users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft has announced that security updates for Windows 7 will be paid. Microsoft decided to extend support for the operating system until January 2023, but under special conditions. Customers will be invited to apply for a paid subscription to the service Windows 7 ESU, which will provide the latest updates.

In 2018, Microsoft announced that official support for Windows 7 will be completed on 14 January 2020. To Microsoft started to receive a lot of questions about what will happen with the operating system in the future. Mostly questions came from business clients who use computers running Windows 7 in business, education or in the workplace.

Today, Microsoft explained the situation. Anyone wishing to receive security updates for Windows 7 will have to subscribe to the service Windows 7 ESU. The subscription will have to pay for each computer, and the price will gradually increase until 2023, when updates for the operating system will cease to exit at all.

For computers running Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise subscription will be assessed at full price, which is not specified. For computers on Windows 10 Education will make a discount.

Recall that Microsoft is offering all users of Windows 7 free upgrade to Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft.


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