After updating macOS from version Mojave to Catalina many users have experienced partial or total removal of the data of the Mail app. About this in his blog said the plugin developer EagleFiler and SpamSieve to the Mail app in macOS, Michael Tsai (Michael Tsai).

According to the developer, users complain that when you move emails from one box to another (via both drag and drop and AppleScript scripts), the “Subject” field becomes empty. If the letter was moved to the e-mail server, for other devices it is displayed as deleted. In the end, on the computer, the letter also disappears.

The problem is very serious, said Cai because the user will never know about it unless they specifically check the corresponding letter in the mailbox. Since the problem of sync with the server, it spreads to other computers and devices. To rely on a backup is also not necessary, since the data in the “Mail” are constantly changing, and there is no easy way to merge the restored data with the messages received since the last backup.

It is a problem with the application itself, the Mail, mail server or macOS, is unclear. Apple released a version of macOS Catalina 10.15.1 to developers on Friday, 11 October, however, it is unknown if it fixed the problem with deleting emails.

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