French concern Renault regularly is updating its small electric car Zoe.

It is worth noting that the first model was released back in 2012, while the latest generation of Zoe can be called the largest and most impressive change for all time of existence of the model. Perhaps the most significant new feature can be called using the new more powerful strong motor 52 kWh, which allows the car to drive up to 345 miles on a single charge specification WLTP. Another innovation include support for rapid charging providing 50 kW. Just half an hour it is able to compensate for the charge which should be enough for 145 kilometers.

The battery replacement concern is not limited. So, the updated Zoe acquired from their creators more productive R135 electric motor that generates 133 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque. This novelty can be dispersed from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 10 seconds and a top speed mode shows the mark of 140 kilometers per hour. Model range of modernized Zoe implies the initial modification, R110, with a unit capacity of 108 horsepower, which was present in the previous generation.

The interior of the small electric vehicle design thanks to the use of higher quality materials and boasts a new design “tidy”, which flaunts an impressive display of complex multimedia 9.3-inch and 10-inch electronic instrument monitor panel. The car also boasts a contactless charging, the application support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and upholstery made of recycled materials.

Read also about the fact that Renault has presented a prototype version of the Logan CNG, running on petrol and compressed natural gas.

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