What would there not talking, but the rest should all. That Ural bloggers usually write always and all, the bulk of these days were spent fully enjoying your vacation. Neither you exciting titles, or you controversial opinions. But nothing, the stock of Christmas food is not an endless, and with the last glass of compote a La “don’t touch, that on New year” Blogosphere boils again at his usual pace. Well, today in our review of the most interesting posts of bloggers, who, as we thought, were the exception to the above rules.

A screenshot of the article

Recently Yekaterinburg zergulio (Sergey Kolesnikov) shared paradoxical leinovalu and commented on it: “that is fortunate, because for all people, for the people, not in “this country”. Now seriously. This is another fake from panorama, which is in the PM I sent already three hundred times. What pleases, what send with the comment “Gee, but probably fake”. Well, I mean comrades think and are not mindlessly. But to determine that it is fake, do not have to look for the source. The more that carry a Blizzard can the most eminent of the Federal mass media like RDX in Magnitogorsk. Fakes of the same panorama even 1 channel is discussed. To determine the fake is enough to turn off the emotions and to connect the logic. We live under capitalism. And in the same China has never communism. You yourself believe that the fuel can give away for free? One and a half billion people? Here is the answer. And here is the news with multiple fall of Apple shares is much more interesting, but here you can easily find specialized resources stock price, to see how sanctions against China, the United States could affect Apple and after that make interesting conclusions. And it may even be a post to write. The more that I wrote that after the death of Steve jobs Apple just mows loot, left master left the same, Apple could postpone the release of a new model because of the awkward buttons or connector”.

The counter with the jelly

In the last issue, we wrote how our bloggers have responded to the annual turmoil in the shops before the New year. It’s been a week since, and it seemed that everything was back to normal. However, blogger zheka-urall from Ekaterinburg not long ago announced in his blog on the balances of the “new year madness”: “for the First time in 2019, the year I went to the store today. Supplies of food still left, but ran out of milk. Fresh milk Christmas milk drink I wanted instead of nazarenos allproducts. Getting to the Department, and there…”

A letter of thanks

Also not so long ago we wrote about how the volunteers from the organization “Roads of good” once again lead the action “Tree of wishes”. Permanent participant voxpop-66 (Ilya Budkevich) from Ekaterinburg, told about what gratitude now come to him: “it’s been two weeks since we — a group of Santa clauses and snow maidens has passed in Ekaterinburg and suburbs with gifts in families of children with disabilities, large families and low-income families. And it seems to have been gradually forgotten those exciting days, but no-no, and write someone a review, which gives warmth and joy in my soul. And in those moments realize that everything we do for over 14 years — not in vain! Good luck in the New year, the mosquitoes!”

Blogger Ilya Budkevich in the bath

Earlier Ilya Budkevich wrote about how fulfilled his new year’s dream of going to the sauna: “In the new year I with terrible force wanted a bath. To home was with the sweat Lodge and lots of snow in the yard, where after the sauna you can flop. So wanted to, and I broke down and wrote a post, in the hope that someone will respond and call us… less than an hour, how kind Natalia Teplyakova wrote back — asking what they say… hurry up and come! And here we are today with Yegor Ilyich went to the village of Mountain Shield, which is 26 kilometers from the city. Had been waiting for us, the bath was melted, the snow around her were also, and we with Egor gone wild… Bath, of course, gorgeous. By the time we arrived it was already up to 90 degrees, and we were very comfortable… Egor whipped me with a broom, we pre-bought on the road for a hundred rubles. Warmed as it should, we ran into the snow. And what could be better than a cool fruit drink when you’re out of steam! Probably an ice beer, but this is our second year as non-drinkers, so the juice! A couple of hours we came off in the bath. Soared and asterales snow, again and again, soared out into the snow. After the bath welcoming Natalia fed us dinner, postrape delicious cakes! And then I sat, unable to move, because it was your trip. Notice, pleasure in the holiday can be obtained without alcohol!”

The daughter of a blogger rahil_rahlenko

And here the inhabitant of Salekhard rahil-rahlenko a couple of days ago confirmed example of life well-known adage that “an Apple from the Apple does not fall far” and speculate about the business of life, “Lived. Preamble: the camcorder in my room lying on the highest shelf while idle, perhaps in the summer will take a vacation. Only fits me the youngest daughter of Alexander and then — dialogue: Mom, get the camera. Why? House to take pictures. Why? To upload videos. Why? What would we have put a lot of likes. (I pick up the jaw) my Friend, I don’t like all this liking video — You don’t want to be a blogger? (I still pick up the jaw) I don’t like. Curtain. Huh? The blogger, who does not want to be a blogger? Doesn’t this sound like the disease of all journalists: “I all understood, journalism is not mine! Everything can’t be a journalist, I’m tired, I’m not a journalist, no, I can’t write articles, follow the news and run for an interview, no no no, it’s not mine, I realized I should become a car salesman, vacuum cleaners and cosmetics, and perhaps even the Keeper of the Museum of the mammoth, but better — taiga recluse”… after a week of vacation — “Guys! Guys, Hello, what’s up?! What news do you?! Huber. The bridge began to build? Someone at the press conference sent? And in the Museum exhibition who unsubscribe? And the carvers/reindeer/fishery/the road/the rescuers/ who went? Guys, there’s a program came on Sept. I just have time to come, this is my theme, I accreditate, just don’t forget me — I will call you again, let me remind you… Only me, okay?!“ Actually, I am not a blogger. I just have the network diary”.

And finally, almost casually our review covers galina-rm from Surgut. She again shared with subscribers of the beautiful shots of snow-covered neighborhoods: “”And I always something missing: in winter — summer, autumn — spring” — at the moment this phrase is certainly not about me. When winter will last and last, and the snow not to melt, I guess, when I want heat and color. But now on the eve of Christmas photo with flowers and summer landscapes do not cause delight. In General, winter prevails on the pages of my journal, I’m still a resident of the North. Will go for a walk, Old Surgut. This year the festival of ice sculptures in the Old Surgut on the theater and called for the “Crystal stage”. The meaning of some sculptural groups becomes clear only after reading the title! Here’s a winter and snow white a lot-a lot!”

Happy reading — and a warm hearth!

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