It is not just for the iPhone and iPad.

Google has released a new version of Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, which fixes a critical security vulnerability “zero day”. Google has recommended that all users immediately upgrade your browser to a recent version, as there is evidence of active exploitation of a vulnerability by hackers.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Chrome is API FileReader, which allows web sites to access local files on the computer. Experts stressed that, in the worst cases, hackers have the ability to execute arbitrary malicious code on the computer.

Vulnerability zero-day was discovered on Wednesday, February 27. Security experts noticed that the exploit code has already begun to be actively used by hackers. In this regard, Google promptly released an update to Chrome for all affected platforms. The new version of Google Chrome became available for download on computers running Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Fixed version of Chrome for Android devices will be released in the near future. On iPhone and iPad vulnerability was not.

To install important updates, computer users should go to “Settings” → “help” → “About Google Chrome” or at chrome://settings/help. An updated build with fixed vulnerability has room 72.0.3626.121.

Source: ZDNet.


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