Moscow, 8 October — “News. Economy.” Futures on the S&P 500 edged lower before the opening of trading Tuesday. On Monday, the index declined 0.45%. If the uncertainty in the technical picture for the S&P 500 is saved, on the success of negotiations, the U.S. and China this week, investors are increasingly skeptical. [PICTURE] [/PICTURE] a Trade war

On Thursday the Washington visit, Vice-Premier of the state Council of the PRC Liu he. Clear compromise is still there. Yesterday, the United States made a hostile move, announcing the imposition of sanctions against 28 organizations because of the situation with the Uighurs in China.

Today, the Chinese side started the rumors that the Chinese delegation could leave Washington on 11 October, while earlier it was expected the 12. This publication reports the South China Morning Post. In addition, it is noted that at this time, Vice Premier Liu he does not have the status of “special envoy” of President XI Jinping.

Meanwhile, the United States last week announced that from October 18, will impose duties on some European products, which may cause a reaction, and clearly exacerbate the economic situation especially in the European region.


The theme of a British exit from the EU also remains on the agenda and unnerving market participants. Positive news about the possibility of reaching agreement, London and Brussels no. The BBC notes that the agreement between the EU and Britain was “essentially impossible” after a telephone conversation between the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.


On Friday, the market played good data on amusement. Today, I expect the publication of statistics on business small business optimism NFIB and manufacturing inflation.

The fed’s Jerome Powell said Friday that the U.S. economy is in a good position, and the task of the regulator is to stay in it as long as possible. Yesterday made important statements during his speech, stressing once again the importance of the independence of the fed. Today, Powell will speak at 20:50 GMT.

Season report

Next week in the U.S. kicks off a season of reports. A number of companies from the S&P 500 have already reported, and it is expected that in the aggregate will be recorded profit decline by 4.1%. However, experience shows that expectations are traditionally low.


Significant growth in premarket trading in the most liquid papers was observed. Cheaper shares of NVIDIA (-1,27%), Boeing (-2,13%), Apple (down 0.6%).

Schedule of futures S&P 500-mini, timeframe day [PICTURE] [/PICTURE] albert koroi, an expert on stock markets BCS

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