Recently, Apple began to notify licensed providers of the program MFi (Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod) that they will be able to produce cables with the USB Type-C on one side and Lightning on the other.

Apple introduced their own versions of the wire in may 2018, and now allowed third-party manufacturers to produce analogues. This was reported resource Macotakara.

Accessories from other suppliers will be able to provide power to 18 watts for USB Power Delivery. These products will begin to mass produce closer to the middle of 2019.

Offers third party are likely to be popular among owners of iPhone and iPad, as Apple sells its accessories are very expensive. For example, a 1-meter USB cable-C-Lightning is $ 19, and a 2-meter – $ 35. For comparison, prices on cable USB A-Lightning long 2 meter from other companies, labeled MFi starts from $ 8.99.

USB-C is now the dominant standard, on both Mac computers and Windows-based PC. Recently, this port type is used in many gadgets and accessories.


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