The number of vulnerabilities in gadgets on iOS for the year rose by almost a quarter. About it reported in a press release from the company ESET, arrived in edition “”.

According to the researchers, from January to July 2019 at a mobile platform was discovered 155 vulnerabilities. In the first half of 2018, experts have recorded 24 percent less gaps. However, only 19 percent of them are critical. The number of security vulnerabilities in the Android system while half.

It is reported that the major viral threats for users of Apple gadgets have become embedded spyware. Also, users often become victims of phishing.

The experts noted that no operating system can not be considered invulnerable. In addition, they recalled cross-platform issues — threats that carry apps for all devices without exception (for example, instant messengers).

Informed became aware of a phishing campaign aimed at users of Apple devices. The scammers send the victims letters demanding “verification”. On the phishing page, they had lured the users payment card data and personal information.

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