Summer is in full swing, but prepare for it it’s not too late. No, we’re not talking about the pack — this, I hope you have handled themselves. We are talking about gadgets for the iPhone, which in the summer are particularly relevant, as people begin to travel more and spend time on the street.

On the nature and long trips just can not do without the external battery to be always connected. Depending on the “gluttony” of the device you can take both 5,000 mAh and 10,000 mAh — the battery offers Xiaomi. Cost much less eminent counterparts.

Speaking of charging, we can not stay on the docking stations, which often too it is possible to buy amount of space. So, with the help of the docking station Qi DF-03 can wirelessly charge not only iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X. How? Included with it is a special Qi transmitter that can be placed under the iPhone case in previous generations and receive wireless charging even on the iPhone 5.

If you look in the direction of reputable brands, there is, perhaps, not come up with anything better docking station from BELKIN — it is able to simultaneously charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch. And if you need just a “Playground” with wireless charging, you can do a small device DEPPA.

Over the past few years the camera of the iPhone has reached such a level that many photographers abandoned their heavy units with large lenses in favor of a convenient portable solution. And with the release of the iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X was not difficult to distinguish where the smartphone, where a photo taken on a professional camera. However, even if you don’t have the latest iPhone model to make cool pictures anyway just to use a couple of accessories. For example, a set of lenses (fish eye/macro/wide-angle) or flash for selfie. Yes, in the latter case, lighting is also important.

What summer is complete without gatherings in nature? Do not do this without your favorite track that entertains you and friends. Enjoy the music outside (and inside, too) will help Bluetooth speaker JBL Charge 3 — cool design, sound quality, famous brand and, most importantly, it is completely waterproof! Now in the rain it is not necessary to stop the fun.

In addition, you can always please your brand new iPhone protective case. Of course, the range is the latest impressive, and it’s for the better — so everyone can choose the case according to taste and budget. Can and original silicone case to take, or special for the world Cup 2018 for the iPhone 6.

For several years now an integral companion in the journey (and just during the holidays) is a monopod. But the usual cheap plastic sticks from China, usually quickly fail. In this case there is a line of professional monopods HAMA and design not flimsy, and can be used for GoPro and tripod.

That too will not be superfluous, so is the Lightning adapter to 3.5 mm to listen to music using headphones on the iPhone without audio. No wonder recently this accessory has become the most popular on eBay, but ordered it is not necessary — you can buy in Russia.

Well, if the accessories you already full order, you can simply update your gadget with a good discount. The release of the new iPhone price just dropped.


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