Yahoo Finance, citing research analysts at Goldman Sachs and the Nikkei reports that the release of the new Apple smartphones, the demand for the iPhone 8 has increased significantly. Experts attribute this not so much with a more affordable price, “eight”, but with the fact that today is iPhone 8 is almost the only Apple smartphone with a display size of less than 5 inches.

Of course, the market today is also available and iPhone 7. But this unit is already obsolete, as well as iPhone SE, which is still available in some stores. According to experts, today the “eight” is one of the most balanced smartphones Apple. In terms of performance the iPhone 8 is not too far behind the new Apple devices and is $ 400 cheaper than the iPhone Xs.

Over the last couple of months, many analysts spoke not only about the new price policy of Apple, but rather Apple’s new smartphones as a whole. Initially, the experts believed that the greatest demand this year will be to use relatively inexpensive iPhone Xr. However, this smartphone with all its advantages, was not very interesting to users. Many associate it with high price. High prices have affected the sales of the flagship models.

As a result, today many users prefer more affordable models of last year. Besides, Apple never released the iPhone 2 SE, which was expected by many users. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the iPhone 8 is in rather high demand.


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