There is no need.

IPhone owners are less likely to upgrade to the new model, said reputable analysts Bernstein. According to them, users now thinking about updating the iPhone every four years, not every three years as it was before.

According to analysts, consumers have long to enjoy their iPhone. The old model was completely satisfied iPhone users and allow you to perform all the necessary tasks. The new iPhone models don’t always offer enough new features to attract user to update. Also, the increase in the average cycle of use of the iPhone affects the rising prices of the Apple smartphones.

According to analysts, in September, 2019 on the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR 2019 updated about 16% of iPhone users. This means that a large jump in iPhone sales will not be exact.

Earlier, the head of Apple Tim cook also announced that iPhone owners began to use their smartphones a bit longer. Cook called it one of the reasons that in 2018 the sales of the iPhone fell by 15%.

Source: CNBC.


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