Nearly one in five iPhone owner that decided to change the phone, I purchased Samsung running on the Android operating system. Such data are published by the company BankMyCell.

BankMyCell specializiruetsya on buying b/the gadgets with a view to their subsequent resale. Its experts analyzed data from more than 38 thousand sellers who are using the service to sell their phones.

It turned out that from October 2018 to June 2019 15.2% less than those who, instead of the old smartphone from Apple buy a new one the same but newer model.

Loyalty to Samsung devices is slightly higher. Only 7.7% of the owners of Galaxy 9 changed it to iPhone. The vast majority (92,3%) did not want to use iOS, and prefer the familiar Android. More than a quarter of owners of iPhone X (about 26%) have purchased products from other brands and switched to using a different operating system.

The experts noted that in most cases, the owners buy the iPhone as a new handset this Samsung. In June, 2019 for vehicles of the South Korean brand has moved 18% of owners of smartphones from Apple.

In China, which is one of the largest countries by population, more and more people prefer any other smartphone but not iPhone, although earlier the situation was different. In may, UBS has published the results of a study according to which only 17% want to change the phone thinking about purchasing apparatus of the American brand. But back in October there were more than 22%.

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