5 GB in 2019 isn t enough.

Apple fans EN masse urged the company to provide them with a increased basic amount of cloud storage iCloud. Users complained about the lack of 5 GB in iCloud to popular foreign online Reddit. Theme with a call for increased space in iCloud scored more than 13 thousand votes per day, becoming one of the most popular.

Users of Apple devices not the first year complain that they don’t want five free gigabytes that the company offers in the cloud storage iCloud. In the last couple of years complaints have been particularly numerous, as an iCloud backup with iPhone and iPad, become more and more. This forces users to either buy more space in iCloud, or backup their devices via iTunes.

In the new mass the discussion of the problem Apple users called on the company to finally solve this problem. Fans have suggested various possible solutions to the issue, ranging from the banal to the increase in available space in at least two times, ending with giving users additional 5-10 gigabytes for each of your devices.

Whether Apple will react to another powerful portion of criticism related to the iCloud storage we will find out in June. Apple will unveil iOS 13 software and other innovations at the conference WWDC 2019.

Source: Reddit.


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