A little more than a week after the release of the final version of iOS 13.3 Apple stopped signing the previous version of Apple’s operating system. This means that iPhone and iPad users will not be able to install iOS 13.2.3 or revert to the firmware with newer versions of iOS.

By and large, in these actions, Apple is not unusual. After the release of new versions of iOS cupertinos usually stop signing the older build. Thus, the company manages to deal with the segmentation of your platform and to maintain the security of devices at a sufficiently high level.

As for the current situation, particular problems should arise. Judging by the tests, the final version of iOS iOS 13.2.3 13.3 is superior on a number of parameters. In particular, speed and autonomy. In addition, the final version of iOS 13.3 was fixed some bugs.

At the moment, Apple is testing new iOS update. A few days ago was released the first test build of iOS 13.3.1. Have access to both designers and participants of the public program testing.


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