Apple released final version iOS 11.4 a little over a month ago. Along with the update, users now have access to Messages in the cloud and AirPlay 2. However, the update has brought with it some problems. In particular, now one of them is actively discussed on the official forum of Apple.

Over the past few weeks users have left hundreds of complaints about the reduction in the battery life of the iPhone and iPad. According to the owners of Apple mobile devices, the problems began shortly after installing iOS 11.4.

At the moment, for some unknown reason decreased the battery life of the iPhone and iPad. Users note that the strongest battery life in standby mode. There are also complaints about the function of Personal hotspot. According to some users, it greatly reduces the autonomy of Apple’s mobile devices. The function Personal hotspot can consume energy even when off.

Apple representatives do not respond to mass user complaints. Currently working on iOS cupertinos 11.4.1. Therefore, it is likely that all issues will be resolved in the near future. In the meantime users just have to wait.


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