Some iPhone XS and XS Max can suffer from light podlahoviny interface. On this forum Apple technical support write to owners of affected devices. The problem persisted regardless of the installed version of the operating system occurs, if the screen is not touch for about 10 seconds. In this case, any action will be taken by the device with some delay, characteristic for smartphones the initial price segment running Android.

“I and several other iPhone owners XS noted, slight delay, which appears when scrolling and closing apps after a short period of inactivity, the user writes willdude. — If [on the smartphone] launch the app and do not touch the screen for 10 seconds, then when you try to scroll in or out animation is slightly retarding. It only happens after a period of inactivity not rise to the cases when the screen is in use”.

Slow iPhone interface XS

Judging by the abundance of responses with the corresponding complaint that found at several sites, the problem is widespread and may affect several hundred to several thousand devices around the world. However, given that the crash is observed only on selected devices, there is every reason to believe that it could be caused by defects in hardware or incorrectly produced by the calibration.

According to another version, podragivanija provokes uncoordinated work of processor cores A12 Bionic, which resets their frequency when performing resource-intensive tasks. If so, the fix can you expect in the next software update. Until that moment it is recommended to activate the function of reduction of movement. To do this, go to “Settings” — “General” — “Universal access” — “Reduce motion” and slide the toggle switch to “off”.

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