During the presentation of cupertinos noted that the new smart watch with a continuously running screen have the same autonomy as the previous generation. However, many users who have purchased the Apple Watch Series 5, talking about the noticeable decrease in battery life.

According to users who have switched to Series 5 with last year’s model, the new Apple watch work less predecessor. Often, a full charge is not enough even to the end of the day. Although cupertinos claimed that the Apple Watch Series 5 can work up to 18 hours. The same figure, the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4.

The theme of the forum is MacRumors, which is dedicated to low autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 5 has already been “stretched” to 38 pages and the negative reviews continue to appear. Among the complaints of the Apple Watch Series 5, there are reviews on reduce battery life in older models of the Apple Watch. Some people attribute that situation with watchOS 6, as before the update this problem in the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3 was not observed.

As for the Apple Watch Series 5, then the reviews are contradictory. Some people say that the autonomy increased slightly after installing 6.0.1 watchOS, while others point out that to rectify the situation succeeded only after disabling AlwaysOn Display.


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