In late October, Apple introduced their new wireless headphones called AirPods Pro. One of the main features of novelty is the system of active noise cancellation. For reviews of the latest works just fine, “cutting” out external noise. However, some users complain that when using the noise reduction system are starting to ache.

According to the AirPods Pro owners who are faced with the unpleasant sensations, the source of the problem, they found empirically. Users noted that soon after the activation of the noise cancellation they have a headache. In this case, if noise reduction is disabled, the pain begins to subside rather quickly.

There is an opinion that the headaches arise from the fact that the noise reduction system is fighting with the external noises, forming your own “corrosion control and antinoise”. Most people do not notice these fluctuations. However, there are those who have hypersensitivity, and they suffer when using noise cancellation.

It should be noted that AirPods Pro is the only headphone on the market that can cause headaches. A similar effect can be observed from virtually all models with active noise control. For reviews, in some cases, the headaches will eventually disappear – for this the body just needs to adapt.


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