Users complain of a critical problem in the Apple Watch Apple Watch 4Владельцы Series Series 4 is not the first week complaining about a serious problem in the displays. The main flow of complaints comes from Reddit.

“School” is in the wrong job illumination. She gets out too much, exceeding the allowable value. Here are some examples:

From the noises and flashes on the display. This can have a negative effect on his work. For example, lead to fading pixels.

239 people have voted in this poll StrawPoll, of which 75% is also observed a similar problem.

How to test your Apple Watch

1. Make sure you have active sync photo from iPhone: Watch —> Photos —> Sync. album.

2. Download this image.

3. Open the Photos app and press the heart icon to add it to your favorites.

4. Open the Photos app on the Apple Watch Series 4 and check the operation of the screen (best seen in a dark room).

If you have also observed the flashes, it is best to contact the authorized service center of Apple for replacement hours. Here is the complete list of ASTs.

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