In its second autumn of the presentation of the company Apple talked enough about the high performance of the new iPad Pro with processors A12X. In benchmarks, the novelty really shows very good results, outperforming many laptops. However, despite high productivity and a number of software improvements in iOS users still don’t believe that the iPad Pro could replace the usual computer.

Some time ago the authors of the publication PCMag decided to conduct a little poll. They asked readers of the question: “will the new iPad Pro to perform the same work as your main computer?”. The majority of respondents (60%) said no. In favor of the iPad Pro has spoken out about a third of the respondents.

Actually, speed is not the only parameter that is important for working at the computer. Also of great importance is the usability, the possibility of improving and expanding the availability of different software, multitasking, etc. On many of these iPad Pro behind from the usual laptops.

According to the authors of the publication, the new iPad Pro in order to replace a full computer lacking software and most importantly, easy to paddle, like a mouse.


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