Consumers for the most part were not ready to overpay for the iPhone with 512 GB of internal memory. It follows from the results of a survey conducted among the readers of 9To5Mac. According to most respondents, they do not feel the need for mobile storage of such a volume, at least at this stage.

The most common cause of failure of consumers from a 512-Gigabyte iPhone — and these scored more than 70% — is the existence of version for 256 GB. This space, say the representatives of this category of respondents, will be more than enough to store all your data without fear of running out of free space.

iPhone with 512 GB of memory — it’s funny

“At least [iPhone 512 GB] looks like fun, — says the user with the nickname Tysonmoth — especially when you consider that the basic version of MacBook Pro comes with storage capacity of 128 GB!”.

Replace the cloud a memory of the smartphone?

The rest of the “refuseniks” explained the absurdity of increasing the internal memory the existence of cloud storage. Indeed, with the development of technology, when renting space in the cloud is becoming more affordable, and the Internet penetrates even into the most remote corners of the planet, it would be much more logical to focus on promoting iCloud.

However, there were those who even 256 GB was not enough. They expressed a willingness to purchase a 512-Gigabyte iPhone if one will be available. Those who firmly believe in its intention to buy the iPhone, gained just under 15%. Another 7% said they did not rule out this possibility. The remaining 6% chose to take a timeout and think about it.

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