Despite the fact that in recent years, large manufacturers of mobile devices are no longer so much focus on the thickness of their gadgets, every new model is a bit thinner than the previous one. And iPhone in this regard is no exception. However, surveys show that most users have not important the thickness of the device. Today consumers are interested in other features of the gadget.

Judging by the numerous reviews online, now users are more concerned than the thickness of the device, while its battery life, battery capacity, ease of use, smooth back surface with no protruding camera etc.

All this is confirmed by a new survey conducted by the authors resource 9to5mac, which asked its readers only one question – would they be willing to increase the thickness of the iPhone in the case, if the gadget has got a few useful innovations.

Over 89% of survey participants said that with pleasure would sacrifice the thickness of the body in favor of new features and functions. And only 8% of respondents said that they are completely satisfied with the current situation and the iPhone needs to be as thin as now.

It is worth noting that at this point in the survey was attended by approximately 25,000 people. The number of users who favoured a growth of the thickness of Apple’s smartphones continues to increase.


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