The recently released iOS 12.1.4 brought some serious problems. In addition to some of the bugs users complained about the lack of access to cellular data and the possibility of connection to Wi-Fi, as well as the fact that the device has ceased to recognize the SIM card.

Alongside, the developers also did not eliminate the errors associated with voice messages, slow performance AirPods and Touch ID and other features. Thus users who did not have these problems before the update, now began to report it. It is noteworthy that the update may not harm the device editor, Forbes compared the installation of iOS 12.1.4 with “playing Russian roulette”.

Experts have advised Apple users to wait for Apple to fix all significant bugs. iOS 12.1.4 fix the bug that allows you to spy on members of the group call in FaceTime. Found her 14-year-old Grant Thompson, whose company poosala to reward for the error message.

As reported earlier wireless charging AirPower from Apple may debut in the coming months. The Corporation intends to release the device along with the updated case for AirPods this spring.

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