A California court considering a new class-action lawsuit against Apple. It States that in one of the iOS updates there was a feature that disables charging of your iPhone and iPad from the old chargers and cables. And this applies to brand accessories certified by Apple. Thus, the company is forcing users to buy new chargers.

The plaintiffs argue that while trying to charge the iPhone or iPad using an old cable or adapter, the device displays the message “This accessory may not be supported”.

The update, which disables charging, was released in November 2016. Although Apple has explained this course of struggle with non-certified accessories, it also affected the original charging adapters and cables.

However, even if Apple will listen to disgruntled buyers, it is unlikely to affect the sales of branded accessories — the complete Lightning wire for iPhone have low reliability and often fail in the first months of use.

Previously, Apple also was accused of deliberately slowing down older models of the iPhone updates. The company explained that the decrease in stress on the worn out battery, but public outcry forced it to abandon such practices.

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