The emphasis on health sensors not everyone likes.

2 AirPods will receive a new and unique wireless headphones for tracking the health status of the users about it in the beginning of the year, said reliable sources. On this hint the latest Apple patent, which shows how 2 AirPods headphones can help people with tracking health. Many regular users don’t like this trend in the development AirPods.

On the eve of the March the presentation of Apple, which can be presented to the new AirPods, users evaluated all available information on the headphones. Likely focus Apple AirPods 2 possibilities for tracking health impressive not all.

The majority of users believes that Apple should focus on improving sound and increasing battery life 2 AirPods. New sensors that can be used to track health and definitely will only worsen the autonomy of the headphones, I guess Apple fans.

On the other hand, some user is sure that Apple has the ability to create unique headphones that will help people monitor their health. The company’s research in biometric sensors will allow Apple to offer consumers a truly original device.

Note that at the upcoming presentation, Apple is expected to announce a so-called AirPods S — improved model of the original AirPods. Full version AirPods second generation should only go out to 2020.



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