Should I start to worry?

iOS 12 greatly speeds up all iPhone models, including the “old” iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 which are very popular in Russia. However, users will have to pay for the acceleration. IPhone owners complain of overheating of your smartphones running iOS 12.

Noticeable overheating

Users of various models of the iPhone claim that their smartphones started to warm up more strongly after the transition to the beta version of iOS 12. The temperature of the body occurs even in the simplest tasks, for example, during the communication applications of social networks.

“A very strange situation. My iPhone 6s began to heat up after installing iOS beta 5 12. The next beta has not solved the problem, it is not clear what this is,” wrote one disgruntled user.

Similar feedback was received from many other iPhone users. Overheating notice how the owners of iPhone 5s and iPhone X. in Other words, the problem found on all models of the iPhone.

Should I start to panic?

Some users suggested that overheating may occur due to the increase in productivity iOS 12. Supposedly, the increased speed causes the iPhone to work much harder and this leads to overheating.

At the moment, this assumption is completely unsubstantiated. Reviews about serious overheating iPhone iOS 12 is relatively small — the problem is definitely not widespread. In addition, the overheating is happening on beta versions of iOS 12, which is quite normal, since we are talking about the test firmware is not intended for everyday use.

Thus, worry about the state of iOS 12 is not worth it. You must wait for the final version of the firmware which will be released in the second half of September, and then to evaluate it.

Source:, Reddit.


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