A couple of weeks ago Apple released iOS 13.1.2. The update was expected to fix a number of bugs. In particular, to solve the problem with the backups. However, as it turned out, the update not only fixed bugs, but also brought a lot of bugs.

Immediately after the release of iOS 13.1.2 in the network did not have many complaints about the new firmware. However, for the last time on the official support forum Apple has gathered a lot of negative reviews about the latest iOS update 13.

For example, users complain that after installing the update, the iPhone stopped showing incoming calls, and in some cases calls at all interrupted. There are also complaints regarding the operation of speaker, microphone and high energy consumption. Users report that the iPhone c iOS 13.1.2 began to work much smaller than on the latest versions of iOS 12.

Gradually the number of negative reviews about iOS 13.1.2 increases, and users are trying to find some ways of solving problems. For example, to deal with interrupting calls, some recommend to reset network settings (Settings – General – Reset – Reset network settings). However, this solution is temporary.

It is not excluded that in the near future Apple will release another service update which will fix the most common bugs.


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