In recent years, the term “life of smartphones” has increased markedly. Initially, users change their phones about once a year and a half, then this figure has increased to two and then to three years. According to industry analyst Tony Sacconaghi of Bernstein, on average, users began to upgrade their iPhone every four years.

The expert is sure that in recent times the users just don’t need to update smartphones every year. Sacconaghi believes that “life cycle” of Apple’s smartphones has increased, Apple has launched several service programs, such as the replacement of the old battery. Also making its impact and “grown up” prices for the new model.

The analyst believes cupertinos wonder underestimate constantly increased “life cycle” of smartphones. In the future this may lead to serious problems. The first consequences of this Apple may feel it this year. Sacconaghi believes that in the 2019 financial year cupertinos sell 19% less iPhones than in the past. This happens primarily because of the reluctance of iPhone owners to upgrade to the new model.


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