Since the release of the final version of iOS 12 it’s been quite a long time and, judging by available data now, users are willing to install and use the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS.

According to official statistics, which published the Apple company iOS now 12 is already installed on 83% of all devices released in the last four years. As for the other versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, their share is considerably lower – 11 iOS is still installed on 12% of iPhone and iPad, released in the last four years, and earlier versions of OSes are installed on 5% of devices.

As for all Apple mobile devices, iOS 12 on them is not too hard – just 3%. So now we can safely say that users are more willing to go on iOS with 12 other versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

For comparison in April of last year, the share iOS 11 was 76%. Experts believe that the adoption rate of the latest Apple’s mobile operating system is positively affected by the lack of serious flaws and fewer bugs.


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