Just the App Store app 181, relating to vaping. They were removed on 15 November 2019. “In recent years, medical experts link the various injuries of the lungs and deaths from electronic cigarettes and wapama, until what is called the spread of these devices a public health crisis and the epidemic of young people, — said the publication Mashable, Apple. We agree and have updated our requirements for the App Store, banning apps that encourage or facilitate the use of these products”.

Now download the application relevant to vaping, it is impossible, but they continue to work on devices of people who have downloaded them before November 15. The emergence of a new vaping apps in the App Store are excluded by the phrase “in the App Store of banned apps that encourage consumption of tobacco products and vaping products, illegal drugs or alcohol in excessive amounts”. Apple also banned the sale of liquids for vaping applications App Store.

The growing number of lung diseases in people interested in vaping, associated with the acetate of vitamin E, but it is not yet proven. Therefore, doctors recommend while staying away from wapow and electronic cigarettes.

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