Model D2C (direct-to-consumer) is the trend today. According to the analytical platform CB Insight, a top venture capital funds since 2012, invested over $2.4 billion in the development of this sector of the economy. The essence of the new model in reducing the way of goods from producer to consumer. Now they can communicate directly, do not need intermediaries. The model is extremely flexible, in addition to the obvious advantages and creates new risks. One of them is lowering the barrier of switching consumers between brands. Today one, tomorrow another — what a difference! This situation increases the importance of such a tool retaining customers, and loyalty program. But its use in the new environment will have new.

In the case of inexpensive goods, or goods of daily use loyalty programs work is simple: the brand analyzes consumer preferences and suggests the most relevant discounts and promotions. When we talk about equipment manufacturers, the situation is complicated by a high average check and a low frequency of purchase. So it may seem that the brand manufacturers of household appliances and electronics loyalty program is not needed. But it’s not. But how? Now tell.

What do brands for granicetrona loyalty is not always about discounts and points. It can be actions aimed at the formation of a loyal community of customers, their special privileges and activities. This plan succeeds the company Apple.

In each of the official Apple store has a Genius Bar. This so-called “Apple geniuses” — boys in blue shirts who advise on any issues. This is not a standard sales consultants, no. With them you prefer to talk on any subject, even the most everyday associated with appliances Apple. And they will not try to sell.

In 2017 the program started, “Today in the Apple”, in which all Apple Store every week there are free lectures, classes and workshops on photography, painting, architecture, programming and much more. This is the event for different audiences, ages, occupations. Why is all this company? And why all the fans of the brand?

With the second all is simple: their interests are always wider that “buy new phone”. So, while the consumer has not yet established a need to change the gadget manufacturer is trying to stay close, providing a small but important for fans of the brand services. Therefore, in the “Hour X” his choice is obvious.

Of course, this does not only Apple. Of the world manufacturers can distinguish Dyson. Sometimes it is even called “Apple in the world of home appliances”. Dyson also generates a community of customers. She has developed a program Dyson the Owner Reward, which users can register on the website and get free lifetime (!) diagnostics of the equipment, priority invitations to closed events Dyson and partners, participation in testing new equipment Dyson and other cakes. The program strengthens the reputation of the premium brand and creates a solid base of loyal users.

And what have we?In Russia loyalty programs among manufacturers of household appliances and electronics can be divided into two types: Skidoo-bonus to accumulate points and club for the formation of the user community.

First, for example, — the official online shop of the brand Haier. He offers bonuses for purchases, cashback of 10% of the purchase amount and ability to pay bonuses of up to 50% of the cost of goods.

Similar incentives are offered such giants as Samsung, Sony, LG and Philips. And in all these listed cases are very similar terms and mechanics of withdrawal. Brands offer a bonus as a percentage of the purchase on the official website at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 ruble. These bonuses can be paid a certain part of the total purchase amount. Such loyalty programs have long been known, they have been effective, but how will they work in new conditions is unknown. Brands a lot of programs too, and stand out is very difficult. But the jaded consumer in addition to material benefits (this course) is more interested in the intangible. They offer programs of the second type.

Speaking about the Russian club programs, you can re-allocate Dyson. The manufacturer was able to partially move his global experience in Russia: the same premium service, discount, hot line, etc. For the unsophisticated quality of service for Russian users such steps from Dyson in our opinion, great work on the formation of loyalty.

In the same direction work and other well-known manufacturer Nikon. Some time ago the company launched the My Nikon. Participants offer bonuses and special offers, access to private events, as well as an additional term of service. The benefits of this loyalty program is available not only to Nikon owners, to join the club may attend. I.e. the company thus also creates a sales funnel.

Apart from the other is Bosch. This is not the only, but striking example of a large project. The brand launched a loyalty program for legal entities — companies engaged in the supply and installation of equipment Bosch. These companies register the serial numbers of the equipment on the sites program and receive points for this. The points can be redeemed for tools, office supplies, accessories for machinery or work clothes.

There is much restive the above examples with the formation of a community and offer points for the purchase is a good start for the development of customer loyalty. But only the beginning. Brands should think what else they can offer users.

There are options. Brands can invite loyal customers to become co-authors of a new product (this program is also called co-creation — Sostav). The participants in this project feel “little creators” and become ambassadors of the brand. Custom product quality from the point of view of usability and functionality, of course, win. As a result, the product is more credible to the audience, as is done by the users themselves.

Manufacturers can provide specialized service for maintenance of its own brand products. Due to the deep knowledge of its own product quality and speed of service the brand will be higher than what can offer the retailer.

Manufacturers can give customers the opportunity to spend cashback on any goods, not only within the brand line. After all, the purchase of vehicles occur infrequently, it is logical to assume that such a proposal will appeal to consumers.

Creating such approaches for the development of the loyalty program, it is necessary to proceed from the idea that the customer buys a specific product, he buys “a new and improved version of yourself”, to which it will lead the product. For example, if some clients camera is a way of earning money, the brand can offer those customers access marketplace that brings together professional photographers and their clients.

Given the interests of the client and applying Analytics, brands can develop a loyalty program that will create additional value for consumers, not only to encourage purchase.

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