This week Apple released two iOS build 12, for developers, this means that the main work on the improvement and optimization of the operating system before the full release, coming to its logical conclusion. By tradition, the blogger iAppleBytes compared the speed of work of the ninth beta version of iOS 12 and relevant at the moment iOS 11.4.1.

In tests participated iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. On each device was set to the same backup to achieve the maximum purity of the experiment.

The results were as follows: iOS 12 performed better on all tested devices. This is especially noticeable when running regular apps. The results of the performance test were within a static error. Download speed operating system has also been greatly improved, but not on all devices. For some reason the iPhone 7 on iOS 12 is loaded a little slower than on iOS 11. However, the operating system still in beta, and most likely this will be fixed in one of next builds.


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