While Apple is in no hurry to share any details about the Apple TV+. However, this does not prevent different experts and analysts to explore the new Apple service. For example, recently it was found out that all video to Apple TV+ are of very high quality. This parameter Apple service ahead of the competition.

In fact, experts have found out that when you create a Apple TV+ cupertinos focused not only on the quality of the content, but also of the video. For example, See the service shows in 4K with a bitrate of 29 Mbps with peak values of 41 Mbit/s For The Elephant Queen the average is 26 Mbps.

For comparison, the average video bitrate in Netflix is about 16 Mbps. the quality of video to Apple TV+ exceeds not only competitors, but other Apple services, in particular iTunes.

It should be noted that this bitrate may be a bit excessive. To replace the difference in the quality of broadcast video in Netflix and Apple TV+ will be able to notice not all.


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