The facial recognition technology has many advantages over fingerprinting, but almost all of them result in improved performance. This feature of Face ID focus Phil Schiller at the presentation on September 12, assuring the audience that the iPhone XS and XS Max identification is still faster. Unfortunately, he did not specify how much faster, and that was the subject of gossip and rumors about the more advanced hardware of the scanner. In fact, as is the case in fact, understood the authors iClarified.

To see how it has changed the performance of Face ID this year, and colleagues conducted a direct comparison of the interfaces, face recognition on iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max and recorded everything through the camera with high frame rates. In the experiment, every smartphone were unlocked three times to calculate the arithmetic mean of the speed of triggering, which surprisingly turned out to be unequal even at the current smartphone generation.

How fast is Face ID

  • iPhone X — 0,661 sec.
  • the iPhone XS is 0.65 seconds;
  • iPhone XS Max — 0,639 seconds.

Why Face ID on the iPhone XS and XS Max faster

As can be seen, changes in the speed of face recognition on the iPhone really is, with advantage in favor of models of the current generation. Obviously, the effect more powerful processor A12 Bionic with extended support of the artificial intelligence responsible for more timely operation Face ID. On the other hand, the difference is so minor that allows you to dispel any myths that the iPhone XS and XS Max fitted with more advanced scanners.

Face ID is better than Touch ID

Interface Face ID is one of the major Apple product developments over the past few years. According to representatives of the company in Cupertino was working on it even during the heyday of Touch ID, realizing the advantage of face recognition technology. So, Face ID it does not matter cut you or raspalis in the bath, breaking the pattern of the fingerprint. The interface will allow you to unlock your smartphone, giving it even a cursory glance.


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