12 September Apple introduced a new iPhone that caused a lot of interest. Sales models XS, and XS Max started on the 21st of September. We got max in all senses of the word version, just used it and are willing to share their opinions about her.

Version we really got maximum. First, this iPhone XS Max with screen that larger than any previously installed on the smartphones of Apple. Secondly, the built-in memory 512 GB, which had also not met in any model of the iPhone.

The first feeling that you experience when you get it out of the box, comparable to the feelings of the heroes of science fiction films, which have been reduced in size. It seems that before you the same iPhone X you’re using is almost a year, but be sure to bring a novelty in the hands, and the feeling that they’re too small.

The feeling is at that moment when you turn the iPhone XS Max, as I understand, that to reach the top half of the screen is almost impossible without grabbing it, and almost wrenching the hand, leaving the smartphone lying on the fingertips.

All this leads to the fact that the new iPhone XS Max you have to use with the constant fear of dropping it. It is quite frustrating given that the version on 512 GB is worth 1 $ 449 in the U.S. and 127 990 rubles in Russia. The problem is solved by connecting to a smartphone second hand, but it is not always convenient.

It should be noted that the difference in comfort will appreciate not only those who used the iPhone X or small versions of the smartphone, but those who prefer the “plus” model. The feelings were more clear, you can try to reach a finger up to the top of the screen, while the top edge of the smartphone. Given approximately the same dimensions of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone “plus” versions, the comparison is most evident.

As the smartphone retained the basic proportions of the screen on the iPhone X, apps no issues. All we ran, looked great on the screen. Of course, this does not apply to applications whose developers have forgotten about the updates a few years ago.

If to speak separately about the iPhone screen XS Max, it really was the best. When you start to use it immediately notice an improvement regarding the iPhone X, but even more acutely, I feel the difference when in a couple of days back on “ten”. It is difficult to tell the difference principle, but it definitely is.

Also improvements were made and the camera. “On paper” changes were not so much, but the fact that the engineers were not sitting in place can be seen immediately.

If you compare photos taken on the iPhone X and iPhone XS Max on the computer or any other screen where they will be in the same conditions, you will notice a quality improvement in the small details. The needles on the tree or small tree texture become more expressive. Otherwise, the pictures are about the same and there is nothing that could be called awful in iPhone X and iPhone XS is perfect in Max. Although HDR images really are more expressive, as we promised at the presentation.

As for selfies, the difference is even less noticeable. Sometimes portrait shots are softer, but on average the situation has not changed much and, if you focus on one the most successful photo but on the average value of several dozen photos, a contrast to last year’s flagship will be minimal.

The lack of fundamental difference in the quality of the pictures many expected and, even though it is written from the scene, knew that the revolution will not be. This is normal since the camera last year and even some earlier iPhone takes excellent. The reverse situation with FaceID used in iPhone X. Function is very convenient, but sometimes does not work very quickly. When the scene promised to improve it, many have been waiting for speed, but in reality this did not happen, and the scanning is performed with the same speed, and sometimes even loses iPhone X in direct comparison.

But, in the autonomy of the iPhone XS iPhone definitely ahead of Max X. As is characteristic of larger Plus-versions, its battery has a large capacity and allows you to use them longer. During active testing, including games, Safari, listening to music via Bluetooth and chat messengers, the battery failed to plant more than 70 percent during the day. If you use your smartphone less active, he’ll be able to work for two days.

The new iPhone found the use of technology to make data transfer even faster. For example, such as 4×4 MIMO. In the end, this enabled the smartphone to run really faster now in existing networks and with existing SIM cards. For example, according to the results of tests of the connection speed, the difference in speed download were sometimes double, but usually there is to talk about increasing speed by 40-50 percent.

Began to work better and Bluetooth. If before the connection suffered when the smartphone is in your back pocket or bag, then iPhone XS Max such problems are not observed, and the connection is kept as stable as possible.

To say that the iPhone XS Max was significantly better than last year’s model, difficult. It was not a revolution but is a decent evolution. However, last year’s iPhone X looks a very decent player.

To change iPhone X to XS, we would not recommend it, as a result, you will not get virtually any advantage. A different situation happens if you update the smartphone to the iPhone XS Max. In this case, you not only get a huge screen and dual SIM card (if you can buy the Chinese version).

If you have a question, whether to upgrade from earlier versions of the iPhone, the Council will be different. If you want a modern design, unlocking face, and a good job iron, updated, definitely worth it. When I came out iPhone X, many did not buy it for fear to become a “tester raw smartphone”.

As shown, the relatively small number of changes in the iPhone of 2018, last year’s model was really good, and now made it even better. Contributed and updated iOS 12, which not only added stability but with even better support iPhone “with a Bang”.

All this suggests that, if last year you were ready to buy a new iPhone, but abandoned it for fear of its quality, now is the time to buy it and you can easily recommend a new model to purchase.

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