Died down the presentation of the new iPhone and Apple Watch. Journalists and bloggers are preparing articles on this topic, users waiting for devices on sale, and Apple is preparing to count the profit. We have collected together what we were shown, and prepared the material.

The public was expecting from the presentation that it will display as many interesting products. But realists understood that to inflate the wait is not worth it. We also produced forecasts which put forward their suggestions. In General, we, like most analysts, right, so the event has left such a bad aftertaste, which was after the spring presentation.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple representatives did not greatly delay the opening speech, and after that we are waiting for two new products, commenced presentation of the Apple Watch Series 4.

As in the previous models, great emphasis was placed on increasing opportunities in the field of health and healthy lifestyle. For example, the headphone has got the opportunity to build a full-fledged ECG

External clock differ slightly modified body and larger screen (now it is 40 mm and 44 mm vs 38 and 42 mm in earlier versions)

Body lines became smoother, and the corners more rounded. Because of this, managed to increase the display by more than 30 percent, allowing it to display more information applications, photos, data, training and other important elements. Including, on this screen look very interesting new dynamic dials “Fire”, “Water” and “Steam.”

The Digital Crown is now able to not only scroll through menus, but also to monitor heart rhythms. In addition, she received a tactile response, and now can create a feeling as from working with a physical element.

The rhythm of the heart will be monitored and in the background. In the case of fixing the key indicators from the norm, the clock will issue a warning, which will allow time to see a doctor, and to identify serious disease at an early stage.

In the Apple Watch Series 4, there is a system that captures the possible fall of its owner. In the case of fixing the fall, the clock will issue a warning. If no reaction on his part will follow within a minute, the watch will send a notification to the response service and family. A message lists the coordinates and they will be able to help. Especially relevant is the system for older users.

Unfortunately, most of the innovations will only be available in the US market. However, if technical and legal issues will be resolved, to assess these functions will be users in other countries.

Other changes concerned the duty of increasing the performance of the processor and added Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, for the steel model now available in silver color and a matching Milanese bracelet.

The cost of the new Apple Watch starts from $ 399 for the version with GPS and from $ 499 for the version with cellular module. The price of the third generation has been reduced and is now $ 279 for the basic version. Pre-orders in the first-wave countries will begin on 14 September, and in sale they will arrive on September 21. Version of Nike+ will be sold on 4 October. Russia is included in the first wave of sales of both models, and the cost will start from 31990 rubles.

iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

Not without the traditional upgrade model range iPhone, which no one doubted.

The appearance of new products is not very different from last year’s iPhone X, which is characteristic of S-models. Housing still consists of glass panels on both sides and frame made of stainless steel. Protection of water is implemented at the level of the standard ip68.

The assurances of Apple, the glass became not just better, now it is the strongest of those that had ever used in the creation of smartphones. In addition to this, the body is now available not only in silver and space grey, but gold. How it will look in reality is yet to be studied, but in the pictures it looks very interesting.

The appearance of the smartphone as a promotional image has been revealed for a long time, and no one had any doubt that of itself would constitute a new iPhone. The same applies to the internal components. Powered smartphone, as expected, A12 processor on the Bionic, which is built for 7-nm process technology and offers not only greater performance but less power consumption than A11 Bionic.

Largely thanks to the new processor, the increased speed of response FaceID, which until then was good. Now, the smartphone recognizes its owner even faster.

The model will be available with two screen sizes. The usual version of the iPhone XS will get display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches (as in last year’s X iPhone), and iPhone XS Max will be equipped with a 6.5-inch display. In both cases, it will be an OLED matrix. In this case, iPhone XS Max has a 60 percent wider coverage of the color range than the iPhone X.

The sound in the new models was also finalized. For the first time in the history of iPhone, he got speakers, located on the upper and lower faces of the housing. This will make the stereo sound more full and loud.

The number of cameras has not changed, and the company has not gone the way Huawei is trying to add new modules. Instead, emphasis was placed on increasing pixel size and improving the software image processing.

For example, HDR images are now more realistic and similar to the images made with the use of special equipment. Their contrast will not be too high, and the image will be slightly blurry. If you believe the official sample images, it looks really cool and natural. In addition, the finished picture you can change the aperture value, adapting them to the effect that you wanted to achieve.

For the first time in many years, the company has been able to tell from the scene that the autonomy of the new iPhone have increased. Phil Schiller promised that the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max will last for half an hour and an hour and a half more than last year’s iPhone X, respectively.

The most welcome innovation was the emergence of two SIM-cards. However, it should be noted that for most models one of the cards will be electronic. Let me remind you that in Russia this technology is not supported. In China it is also forbidden on the legislative level, so Apple made a separate modification for the Chinese market. I want to believe that the geographical spread of this model will expand to other countries, including Russia.

In the countries of the first wave of iPhone sales XS and XS Max will start September 21, and pre-order will start on September 14 at a price of $ 999 for the version XS and XS 1099 for Max.

Russia is in the second wave, and we have to buy a new iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max will be on September 28 at a price of 87990 rubles and 96990 rubles, respectively.

iPhone XR

Together with the iPhone XS and XS is Max the presentation is not spared and their “budget” option. The model has a LCD display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches and is named iPhone XR. It is available in six different colors, because of what it can be called the successor of the ideas of once in the iPhone 5C.

Colors will be asked to choose six. They include such popular options as: red, orange, white, black, blue and yellow.

In addition, the display on the iPhone XR not OLED, as in the XS version, it also lost the support of 3D Touch. Obviously, Apple felt that this can be a good to save. But unlocking is not saved, and smartphone razblokirovat the same as the older models — with FaceID.

Camera design single, not double, as in the older models. However, it is still capable of doing portraits, blurring the background. For this is to thank improved algorithm for image processing. For example, the successful implementation of this function is not far to seek. Google already proved that it is possible.

The smartphone will be available only on 26 October, and the distinctive price will be its price, which range from 749 dollars. In Russia iPhone the XR will cost from 65,000 rubles.

iOS, Watch OS and MacOS

In addition to the presentation of the new iPhone and Apple Watch at the event was announced release date of the new firmware. Less likely to have to wait for the iPhone and Apple Watch. They will be able to install iOS 12 and watch OS 5 already next Monday — September 17.

Mac owners will have to wait a bit, since upgrading to Mojave they will get only on 24 September.


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