Graphic designer and marketing expert Sam Henry gold (Sam Gold Henri) has put together an incredible archive of promotional materials to Apple. It includes old photos from the presentations, excerpts from Newspapers, promotional videos and posters devices from the 70s. It’s all on Google. Disk in open access.

The archive can be called exposition, accessible to any Internet user. For convenience, all arranged in chronological order by decades and years. Walking through the folders, you can appreciate how varied Apple products over time.

Gold notes that he began to archive videos for a couple of years ago after he closed the YouTube channel “Every Apple Video”.

The archive was a place famous the is Macintosh 1984, Ridley Scott, and less well-known promotional materials to Apple. It has rollers 00h when the light appeared the first iPod, iPhone and iPad. In General, for Apple fans it is a fascinating journey through time.

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